STN is a grassroots organization dedicated to educating the American people on their Constitutional rights with a Biblical foundation.

We the People have the God-given right to be free.


Shield of Truth Network began in winter 2021 as an idea, a spark. With all the chaos going on in the world, Dr. Pfeiffer began researching for answers, and so did others. He is a Christian, father, author, and a highly successful chiropractor and nutritional expert. What started as an exchange of ideas and facts between Dr. Pfeiffer and two others, became a meeting. Next time, more were added. He was moved by God to try the idea of creating a grassroots organization born of the great Thomas Jefferson quote; “If we are to guard against ignorance and remain free, it is the duty of every American to be informed.” 

After a few meetings held every two weeks, attendance was doubling in size each time. People wanted answers, but mostly direction, and ideas on what to do. Dr. Pfeiffer felt a name like Shield Network would best describe the group. It had to be something Christian-based, and Constitution oriented. By late spring 2021, Shield of Truth Network was settled on, and a logo followed shortly thereafter. A steering committee helped guide the process of becoming a 501-C4 organization with a Newsletter, Newsflashes and Events in the works. 

STN is built on three guiding principles – Biblical, Constitutional and Educational. We are dedicated to the education of the American people, not on what to think, but how to think for themselves. We aim to equip people with facts, research, truth and actionable ideas. The Truth shall keep you free.


School Board


The School Board Committee focuses on attending School Board Meetings, being fully knowledgeable on current and upcoming issues being discussed and informing STN Members of their findings.



The Homeschooling Committee takes a twofold approach by providing information on Interactive Home Schooling and Online Schooling. This team of experts is here to help. 

State Legislative


The State Legislative Committee is responsible for being aware of current and future bills and legislation at the State level, informing STN members and encouraging them to have a voice in their state.

2nd Amendment


The Second Amendment Committee is responsible for being aware of legislation in their local communities, state-wide and national. They advise STN members of their findings, encourage firearm safety and provide instruction.

Prayer Team

An important core to this organization, our dedicated prayer warriors are here to guide our group, provide support and ways to enhance your faith.

Communications Committee

The Communications Committee is tasked with making sure that the events and opportunities made possible by STN are effectively broadcast to our members and communities.
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