Membership in the Shield of Truth Network requires specific standards of conduct which every member must abide by in order to maintain his or her membership. These standards are outlined below.

As a member of the Shield of Truth Network, also known as STN, I agree to the following:


  • I agree to supoort the three tenets (Biblical, Constitutional, and Education) of Shield of Truth Network/STN.


  • I agree to participate to the best of my abilities in all of Shield of Truth Network/STN events, meetings, committees, and offices for the betterment of the organization.


  • I agree that I will be civil and respectful of other members in conversation and during presentations at STN meetings, events, presentations, and programs. This includes all in person, virtual/electronic meetings and presentations, and programs.


  • I agree that I will not use Shield of Truth Network/STN logo, name, or any other proprietary information in my personal or professional correspondence, or advertising to include written, electronic, or verbal communications.


  • I agree that I will not present myself in any way as a duly elected or appointed representative of Shield of Truth Network/STN unless or untill that is the case.


  • I agree that if I do not comply with these standards that my membership will be rescinded with Shield of Truth Network/STN, and retract, and or delete any information not in compliance with this agreement. I agree to be legally bound hereby.
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